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Over 4000 touring caravans are reported stolen every year. Wheel clamps and hitch locks act as deterrents to the opportunist thief but determined gangs overcome these obsticles to steal your caravan. Angle grinders are used, as are low loaders and chains to simply drag your caravan on to the lorry and drive away.
When your caravan is not in use remove one of the wheels, or two wheels if twin axle and the spare,  shore up with blocks, this will help prevent your caravan from being stolen. Also fit good padlocks on to the caravan steady legs, this will drive thieves bonkers. With these simple precautions the thieves may well look to steal elsewhere.

Purchasing a touring caravan
Telephone the cris registration office  for a small fee they will tell you the full history of the caravan you may be purchasing. Money well spent! 
When purchasing a used tourer privately a few simple precautions should be considered,. View and pay for the tourer at the vendors home, always avoid public areas, ask for proof of ownership. Always check the vin /cris number . Caravans which have been subject to an insurance claim may need an engineers report to obtain a cris registration.I am amazed the amount of sellers who are vague when discussing the true  tourers age with no documentation to support their claims. A free email to caravanpriceguide may save a lot of money
Test all appliances inc water pump and cassette toilet.
Inspect exterior bodywork for serious damage
Test for roadworthiness including lights and brakes
Look and smell for damp especially in lockers and under seats.
Check exterior lockers its not unusual for batteries to disappear
A bouncy floor may indicate structual problems and delamination
Check extras like awnings and motor movers
Ask for service history
Ask for a signed receipt of payment.
With the exception of structual damage and serious damp, minor problems may be used to negotiate on price. Always make an offer but be realistic.

Selling a touring caravan
When selling your tourer privately use caravanpriceguide to indicate the correct value. Advertising need not be expensive, the internet is now the sales vehicle of choice and can be free or a small fee to list your tourer on specialist sites. Always present your tourer in a clean tidy condition. Extra such as awnings and caravan motor mover will increase the value if included, but essential items like gas bottles and water pumps are generally expected to be included in the sale.
It is unrealistic to expect to achieve dealer forecourt prices for a used tourer private sale. Reputable dealers offer warranties, carry large stock levels, service the tourers and provide gas checks. Dealers also pay vat on the profit they make.
Do not release your tourer until the cheque has cleared, which can take 7 working days. Beware of internet scams and con tricks. Provide a bill of sale and receipt together with proof of ownership including cris membership if available. Be prepared to be offered a lower price than advertised, buyers expect this but never accept the first offer and work towards an acceptable offer for both parties.
Family tourers are most in demand during early summer. Two berths, especially good quality sell well in early autumn. Try to avoid December and  January as this is the quietest time to sell a touring caravan privately. All tourers can normally be sold based on demand, price ,condition, sought after models and added value, like an awning. If your tourer does not sell straight away try;
Increased Advertisng
Include extras
Have caravan serviced and tested
Last resort try lowering the price
It is the editors experience that if its not written down then it might not have happened and may be questionable. Always date and sign an agreement together with the purchasers signiture and keep a copy of the agreement Information for all